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Residential Dog Training

Kelford Dog Training Centre UK has been designed purposely to provide a unique training environment for residential dog training without owner. In addition to our dog training holidays, at Kelford we have facilities specifically designed for residential dog training.

Any dog participating in the Kelford residential dog training option will be trained to the required standard decided by the owner on assessment and this will be achieved during the dogs stay at Kelford. Once the dog reaches the required standard we do not simply hand the dog back, but instead realize the importance of owner education and handling of their newly trained and well-mannered canine.

The residential dog training offered by Kelford is unique in the training methods used. At Kelford we put utmost importance in introducing a dog to calming training techniques that will help maximize the canine/human relationship once the dog has completed its residential dog training course and you the client have been educated in how to handle your now well mannered dog.

We offer a variety of residential dog training options, with the dog staying in either a kennel environment or actually living at home with the personal trainer assigned to training your dog. You will have contact with your personal trainer whilst the dog is participating in the residential dog training program and regular updates and photographs will be provided.

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Click here to see our Residential Training page for more details about Kelford residential dog training.

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