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Welcome to Kelford Dog Training Centre UK


Boasting 100% success rate & having been established over 30years, we are somewhat more than a Dog Training Centre.
Our highly productive techniques do not incorporate the use of treats, clickers or other contemporary gimmicks.

KELFORD LIFESTYLE TRAINING is a rebalancing program combining our knowledge of both human & canine psychology. It is based on accommodating the natural abilities and character of the owner (hence our stringent confidentiality policy), the breed or combination breed characteristics of the dog, the effect of human input, the expectations of the owner.

KELFORD BESPOKE TRAINING is whereby both dog & handler are assessed prior to an individual training program being specifically designed to ensure the development of the trust/respect bond in order to maximize the canine/human relationship to ensure a fulfilled future together.
Whatever your lifestyle you will be aware of the fact you initially became a dog owner with a specific reason in mind, whatever past mistakes you may have made during the initial bonding/development process, we at Kelford ensure that your original expectations are fulfilled.

KELFORD FOCUSED TRAINING – breed specific. As we have endless experience with so many breeds, when designing a focused program for a Beginner or Puppy we incorporate all essential elements specific to positive breed development. There are factors that must not be overlooked when training a puppy- essentially the natural behaviour pattern of the breed. Even if you as the owner do not desire to use your collie for rounding up the flock, or the English Pointer to indicate Grouse there are built in characteristics that you will never eliminate. Here at KELFORD you are educated in the mind pattern of your dog. You learn why your dog behaves in a certain way and how to acknowledge his body language. You will then use your natural human traits to work with your dog, rather than typically confuse him by working at him. Your dog will recognize your inclusion in what he does, and look to you for recognition prior to taking action, thus avoiding corrective issues at a later stage. Focused training is highly rewarding for both dog & owner.

We adhere to our stringent confidentiality policy, always aware of how delicate aggression cases are, and how traumatic they can be to both dog and owners. We approach each case sympathetically, and are competent in representing both dog and handler in court, having won every case we have represented. Each dog has then gone on to be retrained, live a happy life never having reoffended.
Non legal aggression cases- we are highly familiar with these here at Kelford. Often taking on cases whereby other Dog Trainers & Canine Behaviourists have failed. We work with both owner & dog through the rebalancing period offering our 24hour assistance throughout. Our success rate is second to none. No problem too small or too large.


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We have an outstanding reputation for what we do and the hospitality and training we provide.

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