Fantastic, empowering experience

Fantastic, empowering experience

One of the best experiences we have ever had

One of the best experiences we have ever had

never thought there was so much to learn about dog training techniques

never thought there was so much to learn about dog training techniques

Empowering, thoughtful and fantastic experience

Empowering, thoughtful and fantastic experience

A complete re-education from an expert

A complete re-education from an expert

the experience has changed our lives

Kelly Kelly
Principal Trainer/HPR Specialist/Canine Behaviourist

Kelly studied human psychology and wellbeing in the UK & Paris and combined this with studies and experience in canine psychology. This paved the way to her realization of the importance and benefits of reaching the perfect balance within the canine/human relationship.

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Kelly has dedicated her life to all that is canine. She has been training dogs since the age of 11, when she wrote to Blue Peter requesting that Crufts be shown on television, to enable other children to see the excitement of the canine world and what achievements could be made with the family dog. Kelly still has the letter and Badge from the Blue Peter team with acceptance of her suggestion.

By her teens she was already being taught by some of the famous names of the dog world in disciplines, such as specialist grooming, nutrition, showing, obedience, gundog training, behavior, and she even attended autopsies to understand as much as possible about canine medicine.

It was not long before Kelly was being televised giving her ever popular demonstrations with her dogs at Crufts Earls Court, Wembley and the NEC Birmingham. Her experience and understanding are of the dog as a loyal companion, or as a worker.

She principally concentrates on training the owner to train the dog, correction of problem dogs, breed recognition and selection, training specialist dogs, and training dogs to suit the individual lifestyle.

She is the proud owner of 11 well behaved dogs. All of which assist her in different aspects of her career. Her vast experience certainly makes a difference between a good dog and a naughty dog, but for a number of dogs it has meant the difference between life and death. Details of court cases won by Kelly available on request, (with owners approval).

Kelly’s unique & highly successful training methods were first introduced in 1978. Kelly frequently demonstrated and held training clinics at major Game fairs over many years. Principal Speaker at Seminars, Managing Discover Dogs/ judging the Breed Parade on behalf of Countryman Fairs, and appeared many times at Crufts, as well as her being Principal Trainer/ Canine Behaviorist at Kelford Dog Training Centre UK.

Kelly has been sponsored over many years by a number of international companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Eukanuba, Nissan, Autarky etc. All of which approached her recognizing the benefits of her association with these major companies & knowing that her expertise is second to none. Over the past year she has been linked with the major pet insurance company, Petplan designing training programs for, and giving behavior therapy sessions to many of their doggie clients.

Owning Boarding / Breeding Kennels, Grooming Parlors, Training Schools, Gun & Country Clothing Stores, and the ever popular Dog Hotel & HPR Training Centre, Judging, running a wildfowl shoot in Cambridgeshire with her husband, along with studying both human & canine psychology, carrying out an intense study which involved living with a pack of dogs, carrying out a number of recognized studies over the years (such as genetic rage, fading puppy syndrome, canine epilepsy) have all contributed to Kelly becoming the most sought after Trainer/ Behaviorist in the UK.

Her knowledge & experience in all that is canine related is endless.

In short:

Kelly has an intuitive ability to understand the needs of the dog, owner, and consequences of actions. She anticipates & resolves problems whilst taking into account significance of decisions made by the owner prior to assessment.

By prioritizing effectively, target levels are reached rapidly, whilst dog and handler enjoy the experience of training. All methods are focused on educating the mind of the dog, in order to reach total equilibrium.

The balance of understanding and respect between the two, being the key to the ultimate in canine & human co-habitation.

Lyndon Barrington Ford M.A. Hons.
Senior Breed Specialist Trainer/ Canine Behaviourist

Lyndon has been handling and training dogs from a very early age. He was born at a time when we at Kelford were studying genetic rage, with 48 case studies on the premises. It was not long before that ‘special’ connection became apparent and Lyndon had a natural ability to communicate with canines. His ability to interact was amazing. As he grew, so did his ability to manipulate dogs in to willingly following his direction.

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Lyndon and his unusual ability to communicate with dogs was broadcast by the BBC. Lyndon has grown up in a very rural/ canine environment and has been taking his dogs out working on shoots since before he was old enough to fire a shotgun.

Lyndon has demonstrated obedience around the UK without the lure of treats, taking stage numerous times at Crufts, and has successfully demonstrated at many of the principal Game Fairs.

Lyndon educates clients from around the world and successfully works to rebalance the Canine/human relationship the Kelford way. Lyndon specializes in training clients in their home environments and often works with celebrities training their canine companions and protection dogs.

Lyndon is a competent and successful trainer of all breeds & specializes in the training of:

  • German Shepherd Dogs – (general companion & protection)
  • Vizslas
  • Weimaraners
  • Labradors
  • Spaniels
  • Terriers
  • Pointers
  • Toy breeds

Chef David

We are delighted to introduce to you Kelford Chef David, who designs the delicious menus to suit all dietary requirements. He personally sources local organic produce and selects only the freshest of foods.

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Every breakfast, lunch, and candlelit meal is carefully prepared and presented. David will willingly cater for any celebration during your stay, such as birthdays, anniversary meals, Christmas festive meals etc.

We have no general menu, as the food selected depends on the best quality seasonal products available at the time of your stay. The ingredients are carefully selected by David on the morning of your arrival to ensure the menu is designed using only the freshest of foods, and suits the requirements of the individual guest.

The dining experience is a major element to the first class package offered atKelford. David is dedicated to presenting the ultimate dining experience to all of our guests regardless of any specific dietary requirements. After a full day of training at Kelford, followed by a relaxing bath and glass of wine, there is nothing more inviting than enjoying a candlelit meal designed and prepared by David our chef- bringing a typical training day at Kelford to a relaxing close.