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Achieve the ultimate canine/human relationship with Kelford Dog Training

Kelford will rebalance your relationship with your canine companion and assist with all aspects of dog training and ownership, maximising the potential of your canine to enhance your lifestyle.

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Established in 1978, Kelford is a family business that holds canine and human wellbeing at its core. Founded on a love, passion and natural connection with dogs, Kelford techniques are based on extensive research and experience, knowledge and understanding of human psychology and an in depth understanding of the canine mind and the canines capabilities. The Kelford approach achieves the ultimate partnership with “man’s best friend”.

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Lifestyle Training

At Kelford, we recognize the capabilities of the canine. A well mannered canine utilises their skills and abilities for companionship and to benefit and enhance the human lifestyle. Kelford training is based on developing and maintaining trust and respect between owner and canine using kind techniques based on calm energy and sympathetic guidance. Our bespoke training will take you beyond the superficial level of treat training, revolutionising your relationship and unleashing a more enjoyable life for all. At Kelford you are educated in how your dog thinks, what matters to your canine and how to educate your canine to successfully enhance your lifestyle, whatever your requirements.

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“I have always found Kelly and Lyndon, incredible kind, understanding, compassionate, eager to help and what they don’t know about dogs isn’t worth knowing! It is blatantly obvious that they are in business simply because of their love of dogs.”

Emma – North Wales

“Nothing is more reassuring than feeling you’re in the hands of someone who not only knows what they’re talking about – but that they’re passionate about sharing their knowledge and dog focussed life experience. That’s been our experience of Kelly.”

John Mellor-Clark

“Life changing! Lyndon listened to us when previous trainers only talked. His knowledge and experience are industry leading, but it is his manner and professionalism that set him far above the rest. He has changed our world for the better.”

Claire Davies

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