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Why choose Kelford for your dog training requirements?

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Kelford – The home of the well-mannered canine companion.

At Kelford we believe in the benefit of a mutual and harmonious relationship between canine and human. We are a family business with a lifetime of canine knowledge and understanding and educate our clients in how to achieve the ultimate canine/human relationship.

Our training is based on trust, respect and positive kind leadership.

All training at Kelford is bespoke. We recognize that every canine is unique, as is every owner and their requirements for owning a dog are often varied. Our training is based on you as an owner and your individual requirements. Our training is grounded in understanding, consideration, communication and respect.

Established in 1978, our years of experience and research has demonstrated that successful training of a canine requires calm, consistent and positive handling, for which owner education is paramount. A canine does not instinctively understand how to navigate and fit in to our human world, and if left without clear guidance, their instinct to survive will drive their behaviour. This often exhibits as undesirable behaviours such as a lack of recall, pulling on the lead, jumping up and general bad manners.

It is our role to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to confidently negotiate the world with your canine in a calm and enjoyable manner. We accomplish this by educating you in the breed characteristics and instinct of your canine, how to handle with calm efficiency and how to be the positive leader that your dog willingly looks to for direction.

Our techniques do not rely on treats, high energy play and games or other contemporary gimmicks. We utilise our extensive knowledge of canines and explain to you the owner how to live an exciting and fulfilling life with your canine companion in the most harmonious of ways. We believe that a well-mannered canine companion enhances the life of the human, not dictates it.

If you have a canine that is displaying bad manners, Kelford can educate you in how to address this. Whether you are looking for assistance in selecting the most suitable canine for your lifestyle, require help in addressing negative behaviours or you are looking to maximise the potential of your current canine companion, Kelford will assist with every aspect of dog ownership.

Contact Kelford today and join the thousands of global clients that over the last 45 years have utilized our services to achieve the ultimate canine/human relationship.

  • All training at Kelford is carried out on a 1 to 1 basis so that all training can be tailored to the individual canine and owner.
  • Our own unique training methods developed over a lifetime of studying, living with and working with canines daily.
  • We do not incorporate the use of treats, clickers or other contemporary gimmicks in our training. We utilise the healing and corrective attributes of ‘touch’ to build a deeper relationship and induce calm.
  • We do not use harsh or aversive methods. There is no place for this in achieving a trust and respect bond. A canine requires kind and assertive leadership, never punishment for negative behaviours.
  • We maximise your dog’s potential, we give you and your canine the opportunity to discover and enjoy living together in mutual harmony.
  • All breeds/ Combination breeds trained, from puppy to senior.
  • We offer a variety of training programmes to suit all owners requirements and all budgets.
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  • We are a family business, with two senior trainers, we do not have inexperienced staff. All training is with a professional that has dedicated their life to improving the canine/human relationships we as a society strive for.
  • Our trainers are dedicated, professional, highly experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of canine behaviour and both human and canine psychology.
  • We operate all over the UK, Europe, America, Asia.
  • Our extensive client base includes celebrities, royals and nobility. We have a strict confidentiality policy so you can trust that Kelford is discrete, highly professional and will not share your details with others.
  • We are family friendly and all ages and abilities are sympathetically trained.
  • We train pet dogs, gundogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, medical alert dogs and dogs that are required to perform tasks for the human in all capacities.
  • We offer a puppy selection service to ensure the correct canine is selected to enhance your lifestyle.
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