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Before Embarking on A Training Programme

Realize your expectations

Recognise the natural capabilities of the breed that you own.

You must be prepared to correctly guide your dog, to allow your canine to understand what is required. Leadership is paramount!

Never assume your dog will realise what is expected of it, until you have all basic disciplines secured.

Never scold your dog for reacting instinctively to an unfamiliar, if you have failed to acknowledge change yourself.

Do not encourage your dog to instantly enter the personal space of another canine or person, even if the dog only appears to want to say hello.

Realise why it is important your dog is worked through a Breed Specific Training Programme in order to successfully build a solid trust/respect bond.

Do not feed your dog treats every time it carries out a command successfully or you will simply become a ‘provider’.

Recognise the mind pattern of your dog, and realise the effect you have on your dog whilst living together. Compare the expected breed traits with the character and behaviour of your dog. Work your canine within your own personal comfort zone, to minimize any handling error.

Do not be tempted to preen your dog when he or she demands.

High energy activity should only be introduced once your dog recognises you as the overall decision maker and looks to you for direction.

Do not use lures to coax your dog into positive response as this will never gain the respect required. A dog will only follow a competent leader.

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Posted by: Lyndon Ford
Posted on: 15th June 2024
Posted in: Advice
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