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Kelford Dog Training In Your Own Home

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Home Visits

Kelford offers the option of a home visit to assess you and to train with you and your canine companion in your home environment and local area. This option is available throughout the UK and Europe.

For those clients having attended a training break, training holiday, residential training or the basic assessment package, we offer the option of follow up training sessions in your home or surrounding areas.

Our trainers work in London at all the major parks as well as throughout the UK and Europe.

We specialize in the training of dogs from all lifestyles and we are sympathetic to the fact that a dog living in the city will have to be non reactive to the very busy environment in which it lives.

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London Dog Training

Our trainers regularly travel to London working with clients and their canines, and offer London dog training for you and your canine companion in your home. Training is often undertaken in the clients London home and various parks that abound in the Capital.

There are many trainers and dog walkers offering London Dog Training services in the city, but none compare to the experience, expertise and unique training methods that we at Kelford boast, along with our unrivalled success rate in rehabilitating problem dogs.

We have provided London dog training services to many high profile clients including numerous celebrities, politicians, and landed gentry and operate under a strictly confidential and private manner, where discretion and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

Our trainers have vast experience in satisfying the demands that often accompany working with celebrities and clients of notability and our unique training techniques that promote mutual calm and wellbeing between owner and canine often provide a welcome relief from the rigorous demands that a lifestyle under the spotlight entails.

Kelford London Dog Training services specialize in the training of clients living in Central London who wish to have a well mannered canine that they can take with them anywhere throughout the city, whether travelling with them on the London Underground, accompanying them in important board meetings, walking through beautiful Richmond Park, Kelford London Dog Training services can assist you in helping achieve a balanced and fulfilling relationship with your canine companion.

See What Our Customers Say

“We took our two adolescent HPR dogs to Lyndon and were more than pleasantly suprised when we managed to walk them together in the first hour of training. We hadnt been able to achieve a dual dog walk without being dragged around. He taught us a lot about leadership with our dogs that none of the other trainings we have attended did.”

Joy Donnell

“At Kelfords we first learnt to understand our dog and then the key of how our own behaviour influenced her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kelfords to any dog owner, irrespective of how well or badly trained they believe their dog is.”

Archid Freezer

“Kelford is amazing without Kelly I wouldn’t have been able to walk my Labrador in a calm manner.I would highly recommend Kelford.”

Nicola Humphreys

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