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Training Gundogs and HPR ‘s

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Genuine working gundogs have been part of our lifestyle since Kelford was established in 1978. At Kelford we have been successfully training and working all types of gundogs for many years. Our techniques do not incorporate the use of electric appliances or other distasteful aversive methods of training.

Whether you own a gundog breed that you do not intend to work, but that you would like trained to maximize his life with you, or that you have a gundog that you would like to work to his full potential, our highly experienced experts within this field are here to advise. Many of our pupils have gone on to enjoy successes in Field Trials, Working Trials and Working Tests.

We at KELFORD were not only one of the first invited to enter the UK Gamefair circuit to promote correct gundog appreciation, understanding and training, but educating the audience in the mind pattern and capabilities of the HPR (The Hunt, Point, Retrieve group of dogs.)

Our hard work and endless knowledge of gundogs is the reason we have been fortunate enough to be approached for sponsorship by numerous major corporations over the years. These include Eukanuba, Proctor and Gamble, Nissan, Arden Grange, Autarky and many more. These all approached Kelford as they realized we would be an asset to them.

Physical abuse of dogs is not acceptable for any reason

There are far too many people calling themselves professional ‘gundog trainers’. A number of which have attempted to raise their personal status without substance. Many of these have migrated from the show world, looking to increase their profile and puppy sales, or have set up as trainers as they simply like dogs.

These trainers do more harm than good and the unsuspecting novice handler is often treated disrespectfully and given inadequate advise, making the totally reliant on the trainer. Training methods have shocked and appalled many owners when the trainers they have paid for advice physically abuse their dogs into conformity.

Positive results are not obtained through aggressive means. A dog should not work for the handler because it fears the consequences and physical abuse, but should work to please. This Kelford achieves through kind and highly successful handling techniques.

Kelford has held numerous seminars extolling the versatility of the HPR breeds and their ability to excel both in the field and in the ring.

Seminars within the falconry circuit have proven highly successful and beneficial for those wanting a steady dog to rely on.

For all advice and assistance with training your Working Gundog and HPR, and to discuss your expectations contact Kelford today.

See What Our Customers Say

“Kelford, Lyndon and Kelly, wow. Thank you, we have our lives back, enriched with our dog . Three days re set, and everything changed. The knowledge, and understanding of our dog Treacle and of us as misguided owners/humans was exceptional. Everything we thought we knew, we had misunderstood.”

Delia & Kevin

“I find Lyndon to be knowledgeable, helpful, practical and a joy to work with. As a result I now have a dog who I can take anywhere and who behaves impeccably when we are out. As a high energy and very intelligent Gundog, he’s not the easiest dog to train/manage but with Lyndon’s help I now get compliments on how calm and well behaved he is.”

Ishbel Huggins

“The tools and techniques we have come away with are invaluable and has made such a difference to the connection I now have with my dog. Lyndon was kind, helpful and so knowledgeable. I have never seen someone read and understand a dogs personality so well.”

Anne Howard

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