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Kelford Training of Aggressive, Nervous and Reactive Canines

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Kelford Rebalancing Programme

We adhere to our stringent confidentiality policy, always aware of how delicate aggression cases are, and how traumatic they can be to both dog and owners. We approach each case sympathetically, and are competent in representing both dog and handler in court, having won every case we have represented. Each dog has then gone on to be retrained, live a happy life never having reoffended.

Non legal aggression cases- we are highly familiar with these here at Kelford. Often taking on cases whereby other Dog Trainers & Canine Behaviourists have failed. We work with both owner & dog throughout the rebalancing period offering our 24hour assistance. Our success rate is second to none. We are recommended by respected vets, breeders and clients throughout the UK and abroad.

See What Our Customers Say

“What a fantastic experience!!. Our “high energy” Border Collie puppy Seren has been converted from a barely manageable “Tasmanian Devil” of a dog to a highly responsive, obedient and loving canine companion. Kelly and Lyndon have worked their magic for us and we’ll be forever grateful.”

Andy Brunton

“We had serious issues with our 2 year old Labrador that no other dog trainer/behaviourist could help us with. Upon first contact we were immediately impressed by their understanding of dog behaviour and human psychology. Lyndon has been supportive, understanding, and personable throughout the whole experience, and we feel empowered by our new understanding of dog behaviour. Kelford truly are the best in their field, as their many long-standing clients will attest.”


“Kelly was recommended to me by a fellow Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla owner. Our dog had fear aggression. I spent 3 days in Wales with Kelly to benefit from her experience to move my dog forward. We are doing really well and introducing my dog to new people, with me taking the lead.”


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