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Adult Dog Training

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The Kelford Breed Specific Rebalancing Programme

All training at KELFORD is treat free, yet the techniques are kind, assertive and highly productive. Combining training to suit the mind-set of a specific breed or combination breed, along with canine therapy applied via the ‘Essential Touch Points’.

Based on the characteristics of the specific breed, considering lifestyle to date, past experiences & training (if any) along with the owner’s expectations, at KELFORD we design a Rebalancing Program for owner’s approval. This is introduced and worked with, in order to eliminate any behaviour issues and educate the canine in what is required. KELFORD Training creates calm, anxiety free living for both owner & canine.

KELFORD bespoke training is breed specific. This is whereby both dog & handler are assessed prior to an individual training programme being specifically designed to ensure the development of the trust/respect bond in order to maximize the canine/human relationship to ensure a fulfilled future together.
Whatever your lifestyle you will be aware of the fact you initially became a dog owner with a specific reason in mind, whatever past mistakes you may have made during the initial bonding/development process, we at Kelford ensure that your original expectations are fulfilled.

The KELFORD Rebalancing Programme is carefully designed for the individual canine combining our knowledge of both human & canine psychology. It is based on accommodating the natural abilities and character of the owner (hence our stringent confidentiality policy), the breed or combination breed characteristics of the dog, the effect of human input and most importantly the expectations of the owner. This option is paramount when correcting undesirable behaviours from cheekiness, to lack of respect, through to high level aggression.

See What Our Customers Say

“I’m so pleased I found Kelford! From the first time I spoke to Lyndon over the telephone I could tell he was knowledgeable and professional. I was reassured I had found the right place. Thank you Kelford. Lyndon, you’re a star!”

Nesta & Rosie

“Since having Lyndon’s guidance, we really feel like we have turned a corner and we are now progressing towards a relationship between human and dog that I aspired to have, but was previously illusive.”

Karena Freeman

“Lyndon’s knowledge of dogs and training is nothing short of extraordinary. If you want to develop a really close, trusting and ultimately rewarding relationship with your dog then go to Kelford. They are brilliant!”

Jo Lear

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