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Puppy Training

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The Kelford Lifestyle Foundation Training Programme

As we have endless experience with so many breeds, when designing a lifestyle programme for a Puppy we incorporate all essential elements specific to positive breed development. There are factors that must not be overlooked when training a puppy- essentially the natural behaviour pattern of the breed. Even if you as the owner do not desire to use your collie for rounding up the flock, or the English Pointer to indicate Grouse there are built in character traits that you will never eliminate. These character traits should not be highlighted in the domestic pet, but instead the dogs enthusiasm should be channeled correctly through the introduction of the appropriate training program, which will prevent the dog from feeling stifled, and will in fact maximize the potential of the dog. Here at Kelford you the owner are educated in the mind pattern of your dog. You will learn why your dog behaves in a certain way and how to acknowledge his body language. You will then be educated in how to use your own abilities to connect with and direct your dog, rather than typically confuse him by working at him. Your dog will recognize your inclusion in what he does, and look to you for direction preventing him from instinctively taking action, thus avoiding behavioral issues at a later stage. This focused training is highly rewarding for both dog & owner, as the dog is worked within the owners comfort zone at all times.

Our Puppy Training educates not only the canine, but the owner to the correct way to introduce puppy into the home & educates the owner in breed specifics – that is, what to expect throughout the crucial development period. How to educate the puppy during the highly impressionable first few weeks. This Bespoke Package teaches you and your family everything they need to know to ensure the puppy develops into a sound, balanced, well mannered, happy canine companion. It also covers basic obedience i.e. how to avoid puppy pulling on the lead, how to introduce a calm steadiness, avoiding any disruption to the home.

It is essential to realize from the start a puppy should enhance the family and never rule it, as this understandably leads to major issues at a later stage.

The Assessment considers the owners expectation, the mind pattern of the specific breed or combination breed and typical expected behaviours of the individual pup of such, whilst highlighting the owners natural handling skills, canine’s capabilities and determines cause of any imbalance within the existing canine/human relationship.

A training program is then specifically designed to educate the owner in the correct communication skills and to educate the canine in all required disciplines, by the use of KELFORD Techniques. This brings balance to the canine/human relationship whilst establishing the trust/respect bond.

KELFORD  techniques channel the pups enthusiasm whilst improving the status of the owner in the eyes of the canine, resulting in the canine willingly looking to the owner for direction.

See What Our Customers Say

“After being overwhelmed as a first time dog owner, I contacted Kelford to help with training my Fox Red Labrador puppy, for both general training as well as specific issues. I came away a more confident dog owner and leader with a deeper understanding of the human / canine companionship. I highly recommend Lyndon and Kelford.”

Kelly Stott

“We had specific requirements which included handling urban noise and traffic, being off lead around a golf course and exceptionally kind to children. They did an amazing job. I fully recommend Kelford. Attention to detail was first class. Thanks to Kelford we have a very well behaved and well trained Vizsla.”

Nick Roy

“I’d inadvertently let my pup rule the roost and was desperate to sort out his undesirable behaviours. I am so glad I came to Kelford Dog Training. Kelly assessed us both and designed a personal training plan. I have a much better understanding of my pups behaviour and I feel better equipped to deal with it.”


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