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Benson- The Perfect Family Dog!

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After losing our Kelford trained Jack Russell Alfie, we were in no rush to get another dog. However learning that Kelly’s beautiful Labrador Florence was having a litter of pups, we contacted Kelford to ask if we could have one of her puppies. We explained to Kelly we needed a dog to fit into our active life which involves spending a lot of time with our Grandsons. The end result was Kelly chose Benson for us. We were made up.

Even though we’d trained our JRT at Kelford, Benson was proving to be a completely different task! Such a clever dog always looking for ways to beat us. We soon got him up to Kelford for some expert help and guidance. Lyndon and Kelly’s knowledge is second to none, always there for us with excellent advice and help. We soon started to see great results.

We now have an excellent canine companion we can take anywhere; cafes, restaurants, away on holiday with our Gandsons, he is always well behaved and no trouble at all, he just fits in with everything we do. Training is ongoing, we love going to Kelford and so does Benson.

Kelford is a Godsend for us, we have no worries at all kennelling him when we go on holiday, 100% safe and loved like one of their own.

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