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Jemima: A Gentle Griff, Growing In Confidence

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When Kelly had Jemima, our Korthals Griffon, for six weeks initial puppy training, she soon noticed something wrong. She was less energetic and responsive than an eight week old puppy should have been. Kelly’s vet referred her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with a liver shunt and was operated on. Jemima owes her life to that  swift action by Kelly. But while the operation was successful, the hospital stay made Jemima extremely nervous of the outside world, and especially of other dogs.

Kelly has spent a lot of time with me and Jemima to coax her out of her nervous behaviour and to increase her confidence. Kelly has shown amazing patience and understanding, trying many different methods, and using her own brilliantly trained dogs to build Jemima’s confidence. Because we don’t know exactly what happened, and why this behaviour has developed, we need to give her as much safe exposure as possible to other dogs, so the new experiences replace the old.

Gradually Jemima has been gaining in confidence, and Kelly has given me the tools to keep building her up. Working calmly, gently and consistently with Jemima has deepened the bond I have with her; she is trusting me more and more, and slowly we are overcoming her nervousness. A gentle giant is at last emerging: a wonderful companion, who walks perfectly on the lead, and who now barely flinches when she sees another dog.

Linda Ivereigh

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